Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Kissing Tower

One of my favorite rides at Hershey Park is The Kissing Tower. It's not so much a ride as a scenic, fun way to view the surrounding area. You rise up to the top of the tower on a slowly rotating conveyor with windows shaped like Hershey kisses. It gives perfect 360 degree views of everything below. 

The signs at the ride's entrance were really cute.

"Kissing is allowed but please...
No food, drinks or smoking beyond this point.
It's hard to smooch with your mouth full!"

I gifted each of my guys with a kiss on the ride.
What can I say? I'm good at following guidelines.

Peter returned the favor. Lucky me!

I always love kissing my little Sam-man.

John didn't get into the spirit of the ride and wanted no part of my kiss. Rejected!
This picture makes me laugh.

The views were amazing! 
The pictures are less amazing because of the glare from the windows, but you get the idea.

 There's The Kissing Tower in the background.

 What a sweet ride!