Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Temple Beautiful

Joseph Smith named the small city of Nauvoo, Illinois "Nauvoo" after the Hebrew word that means "beautiful place" or "city beautiful." This definition also fits the beautiful Nauvoo temple. Even though we've been to it several times over the past four years that we've lived in Iowa, I'm impressed by its historic beauty each time I go there. These photos are from a weekend trip we took to Nauvoo last month. 

 This big pot of striped tulips was on the temple grounds. 
It looked especially lovely sitting in the tree-dappled sunshine.

There were so many lovely colorful tulips and other flowers growing on the grounds. 

I attended the dedication broadcast for the Nauvoo Temple in 2002 in Massachusetts with Peter. We'd been married for only about two weeks! It was special to be part of such an historic occasion. Little did we know then that someday we'd be fortunate enough to live in the Nauvoo Temple District.

I love this statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.  


Temple beautiful, indeed. I love it there, inside and out!