Wednesday, October 30, 2013

September's Random Moments

I feel like a top-notch mom when, every now and then, I do fun educational activities with my kids.

I feel like an even more top-notch mom when John chooses to read a book of his own accord. With the TV on, no less, and a fiction book! He claims that he doesn't like reading, and that the only reading he does like is non-fiction. Each time he says this a little part of us dies. How could Peter and I produce a kid who doesn't like to read?! That defies genetics!

Sam was obsessed with my phone and taking pictures and videos with it, and then watching those videos and scrolling through the pictures over and over (and over) again.

Sam built this enormous Lego train.

I just think this picture is cute.

There was a stretch of absolutely beautiful weather in September when I just wanted to take up residence outside because it was so nice out. I would lay down in the shady soft green grass while my kids played and stare up at the blue sky and feel completely at peace with everything in life. Then I'd snap back to reality and get up and play with the kids or go make dinner. Life can be so good in September!

John's favorite sport right now is kickball. He plays it every day at every recess. He likes it so much that he practices at home with whatever ball he can find.

Sometimes the ball gets kicked into the field and needs to be rescued.

Sam is still happy to play in the sandbox or on the swingset.

Picture of the backyard and the house's behind {insert immature joke here}. 
I like the back of my house better than the front.

 Sam rode his squeaky red tricycle around a lot. 

It was a good month!