Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Boston Temple

Last summer I went to the Boston Temple. It's a very special place to me because that's where I got married, and in the years before that happened, I was there for the announcement that it was going to be built, for its construction, and for the open house. It's always a wonderful place to return to, and the grounds are so pretty and peaceful, as is the interior. I try to go at least once a year when I'm back East.

If only it had been this sunny and nice out on my wedding day! 


(Click here if you're interested in some frequently asked questions about Mormon temples.)

It's always so nice to be back there again. In a way, it feels like coming home. 


Me (aka Danielle) said...

While I was aware that there was a Temple in Boston, I don't think I've ever seen pictures or could have told you what it looked like! It's beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos! (p.s. I've been a blog slacker..I'm sorry I'm so behind in commenting. I've been reading faithfully, however.... if that counts for anything ;)

Sarah Laurence said...

How nice to revisit the place you were married! Lovely flowers too.

Emmy said...

How fun! And yes like Danielle I don't know if I have ever seen pictures of the Boston Temple either

Amelia said...

It's a beautiful place and you'd never know how close it is to Boston with how quiet it is there.