Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Walk Around My Neighborhood in the Fall

These are some pictures I took of my neighborhood in the fall last year that I never got around to posting on here. The file folder has been sitting on my desktop for the last year, so it's time for these pictures to have their day in the spotlight.

And yes. There is a farm right at the entrance into the neighborhood, complete with a cornfield and cows. This is Iowa, after all!


There aren't mailboxes at the houses in my neighborhood; there is one big mail house and you get your mail from your box there. The picture below shows the view from the mail house at the entrance into the neighborhood. I miss having mail delivered right to my house! I never realized how convenient that was until I didn't have it anymore. Our mail has sat piled up and accumulating in its box for days (usually in the winter when I go into hibernation mode!).
You can see my house in this picture. It's the one in the far distance on the right. Potential stalkers, please do not use that information against me. You might know that I live in Iowa, but it's a big state and I could be anywhere! 

I hope you've enjoyed this little autumnal walk around my neighborhood today. As much as I miss the familiar forests and foliage of my native New England, especially at this time of the year, I really do like where I live. (Aside from the mailbox situation, that is!)