Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Things for Friday

1. My blog was semi-famous for a day! Last week I was randomly checking my blog stats, and I was surprised and amused to see this on the pageview chart:

On September 13th, my blog got 563 hits! As you can see, the rest of the time I'm usually in the 30-50 range, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. What the heck happened on the 13th to make that many people visit my blog?! I tried to figure it out but it's a mystery to me. I've been blogging for about five years but I'm still not sure how to do many things like that, as evidenced by such things as having the same blog header for years because I haven't taken the time to figure out how to change the font or put in a picture, and I still don't know how to put pictures in my posts that don't have to be stacked one on top of the other. Oh well! Maybe this will be the year that I learn how to do those things. (Probably not.)

2.  Another place where I've achieved a little bit of fame is Pinterest, specifically for something I pinned this summer that I never thought would garner much attention or re-pinning. It's a "Road Trip Checklist + road trip tips." I get e-mails almost every day or at least several times a week notifying me that someone has re-pinned it. So far it's been re-pinned 485 times and it has 93 likes. Yep. I'm totally famous.

3. I've been spending a lot of time this week hot-gluing pom-poms onto little magnets. Magnets that I have to cut myself from long magnetic strips. Needless to say, I can't wait to be done with this! I'm doing a busy bag swap with 19 other women, and I chose a craft that involves pom-pom magnets, and we each have to make twenty bags of our craft to swap with everyone else. By the time I finish, I'll have cut and hot-glued 1400 of these little devils! I guess it's good exercise for my fingers. Those kids better like their pom-pom magnets!!

4. I was reading an article yesterday about the NFL referee problem, and I realized that I really don't know what the difference is between a pension plan and a 401(k). I know they're both retirement plans but that's about it. (The referees want one type of plan and the NFL wants to give them the other type.) My ignorance on this topic is even more shameful because my husband works in the insurance industry and does a ton of work with retirement plans. He even has a patent for one, and has been published in a book and in The Wall Street Journal for it! My mind always wanders when we talk about this kind of stuff. I can't help it; I think it's boring! (Sorry Peter.)

5. I'm sick and feel like I've been punched in the stomach, plus my left eye is infected with something. My kids have been sick this week too. I need to go take a nap now....

Have a good weekend!