Thursday, May 3, 2012

10 Questions About ME!

I saw this fun little "quiz" on someone's blog recently and decided to copy it. (Just the questions, not the answers!)
  1. My favorite color: Green
  2. My favorite animal: Dogs. Owls. My favorite wild animals are elephants, giraffes, and dolphins.
  3. My favorite number: 8--my lucky number from my softball-playing years.
  4. My favorite drink: Lemonade; hot cocoa in the winter
  5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
  6. My passion: The pursuit of a happy, well-lived, meaningful life
  7. Prefer giving or getting presents: I enjoy giving presents to family and friends, but but let's be honest, getting presents is pretty fun and a lot more easy!
  8. My favorite pattern: My favorite pattern? I must have stolen this quiz from a fashion blog! Anyway, I like polka dots. That counts as a pattern, right?
  9. My favorite day of the week: Monday. Call me crazy, but I like the start of a new week and getting back into the routine of things. But I also like Thursday, when the housecleaning and laundry are done for the week and the weekend feels like it's about to begin. Then again, Fridays are fun, and I love the peacefulness of Sundays. So I guess I don't really have a favorite day of the week. I like them all!
  10. My favorite flower: Roses
And now you know ten random and mostly useless facts about me. Lucky you!


Sarah Laurence said...

It was fun getting to know you better but after all these years of reading your blog, I'm not surprised by your answers. The real must shine through in your posts.

Kristina P. said...

I love polka dots too. In fact, I might have to wear a polka dot dress today!

Ann Marie said...

I love that you love owls.
They are trendy in decor right now.. but you usually don't hear that from people.

It was fun reading about you.
We share a favorite flower.. and many other similar things -- since getting to know you on Pinterest..

Emmy said...

Crazy. What you told me to call you it ;). Yea, Monday is not my favorite day of the week. I love tulips. Fun questions