Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flowers for You

My blog friend Rochelle just started doing "Nature Photo Tuesday" on her blog which I can link up to, and I'm excited about that because I love taking nature photos and now I have a good reason to post them on a weekly basis on my blog.

So without further ado...here are some nature photos I took. Specifically, flower photos. Come take a walk around my yard with me in the late and lush springtime!

Location: All around my yard in Iowa
Date: May and June 2011


I was really excited to discover an actual rose growing in our yard! 

Wildflowers in the field behind the backyard.
These pretty flower bushes got taken out last summer because those wood chips were a pain (literally! It hurt to walk barefoot across them! Plus the dogs were always digging in them), so we had grass planted instead. I love the grass and landscaping work that was done, but I do miss those pretty pink and purple bushes.

I just realized as I was putting together this post that many of these flowers may not grow again in our yard because of what I mentioned above--we had all the wood chips taken out last summer and stones or grass put in instead. I'm sure that many of the flower roots were uprooted in the process. Sad! We'll have to see what pops up in the next few weeks.