Friday, September 30, 2011

The Lake House

Every summer for the last six years we've gone to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It has become one of my favorite places, and it's a dream of mine to someday own our own house there for summers and holidays. Until that happens, though, we rent a different house to stay in each summer. This summer Peter really wanted to rent a lake house. I wasn't crazy about the idea--having a lake in the backyard when you have young children is not my idea of relaxation! But I decided to give it a try. There were good things about it, like the beautiful views from the back deck of the house:

(My niece Lizzie checking out the sparkling waters one morning.)
And there were not-so-good things about it, like it not even being a swimmable lake! It was one of those lakes that are nice to look at and fun to canoe or kayak on, but swimming? Not so much, when there's algae and plant life brimming just below the surface all over the place!

Pretty swan family, and not-so-pretty plants growing up near the water's surface

The lake did make a nice background for pictures, though!

Also, there was a stairwell down to the water with a locked gate at the top to help prevent the kids from going to the dock on their own, but it didn't always work, which was a little scary. So we learned our lesson! If we ever get a lake house again--when our kids are older--we'll make sure that it's a good swimming lake with safe access!

Sam liked to play on the stairs and the dock (unfortunately!)

Luckily for us, there was a good swimming lake just up the road--

And Sam was happy (and safe!) doing his favorite thing there (that would be throwing rocks in the water)

This would be a great place for a lake house! Such nice, clean water!

We've already booked our house for next summer. It's one that we stayed at two years ago that I absolutely loved. It has a big private backyard that is securely fenced in (hooray!), and the beach is an easy walk down the street with a playground nearby. Now THAT is my idea of relaxation!