Friday, August 20, 2010

The Backyard

We've been in our new house for about four weeks now. The interior of the house is not yet worthy of having its pictures taken and posted. Most of the unpacking is done, but not all of it; our pictures are all propped against a wall (we still can't find the hammer and nails); there's furniture that needs to be delivered; and overall it just isn't "home" yet. Not until I can sink my decorating teeth into it, for better or for worse.

I can, however, post pictures of our yard. The yard doesn't need much work (although the landscaping company says otherwise). I love this yard and the way our house is situated in the woods and the neighborhood. At night, it sounds like a nature CD right outside the windows because of the symphony that nature, insects, and occasionally hooting owls create. This is one of the reasons we bought this house--a spacious, mostly private yard in a natural setting that isn't bordered by other houses all around. It makes me feel like I'm back in New England. I love it!

(I spy the boys!)

 Look closely on the far right to see some of our fine landscaping work...

Isn't it lovely? I'm thinking of planting flowers around the base.
This toilet has been enjoying lots of fresh air after years of being cooped up in a bathroom, of all places.
It's been benefitting from our ignorance of how to get rid of
bulky trash.

 This is the view at the back of the yard. 
Just this evening John and I watched a mother deer and her 
fawns playing in the field and running around in the yard.

There are my boys again, sitting in the shadow of a tree.
It's been a very humid August in Iowa.

We like the spacious yard!

P.S. Creating this post was the ultimate test of my patience (a test which I sadly failed a few times when my Irish temper got the better of me. Yes, I blame it on the Irish in me--my temper tantrums are not my fault!). Anyway...Blogger has this new format for creating blog posts. While there are some good things about it, there are also some extremely annoying features that make no sense and are driving me nuts!