Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. You-Know-What Day!

I'm still on my little blog break but I wanted to post these photos here today in honor of this cute little holiday. It's been fun to wear green and celebrate this time around since I have a little baby to dress up and I'm not suffering from pregnancy-induced fatigue like I was last year at this time. Also, John is old enough to understand a little better why I would do crazy things like turn his milk green or give his dad a pinch for not wearing green. (Not that I really completely understand those things myself!) I have strong Irish ancestry on my father's side, so my boys have some of that lucky green Irish blood running through their veins too. May the luck 'o the Irish be with 'ye too!

My little leprechauns! This is the mischievous one:

And this is the little innocent one (for now, anyway!):