Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Election Day!

Finally the day has come! Being the political junkie that I am, as well as a Political Science major in college, I've enjoyed following this election (most of the time), and I'm glad Election Day is here so that we can elect a new President and new senate and congressional leaders and get on with our lives.

I just came from voting. It reminded me of why democracy is such a wonderful blessing, and not to be corny, but I really am thankful to live in this great country. I didn't go with my backup plan to write in Mitt Romney's name. Instead, I ended up voting for John McCain. I decided within the last few days to vote for him, and the issue that decided it for me was abortion. It was the blogosphere, and in particular my blog friends Cheryl and Dolly and the YouTube videos they posted on their blogs about it, that persuaded me to vote for McCain over Obama. I guess I'm officially a 21st-century voter now because YouTube and the blogosphere ended up being influential in my vote!

I'm about 95% sure that Obama will win today, but my vote still counts for something, at least to me personally, and that's why everyone who can should go out and vote today. It does matter. I'm looking forward to watching the election returns tonight. It only happens once every four years and it's this political junkie's idea of a good time. Happy Voting to you!