Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ode to Fashion: Fall Edition

Note: While doing some maintenance work on my blog today, I realized that I had several drafts of posts that I started but never finished that have been waiting for their potential moment of glory--to be posted and become known to the world. I mercilessly deleted several of them (off with their heads!) because they were no longer relevant, but some made it through, and my "Ode to Fall Fashion" is one that made the cut. I started writing it on October 24th, but never finished because right around that time the economy totally tanked, which took the wind out my sails when it came to shopping for clothes. I had a lot more clothes I was planning on adding to my list here. Oh well. I want to publish what I had anyway, just to show what could have been...sigh. Without further ado, here is the fall edition of my ode to fashion, pre-recession:

October 24, 2008
Last night I spent over two hours going through my clothes, clearing out the summer stuff and getting out the winter stuff, getting rid of things, and making a list of clothes and shoes that I need or want. Then I went shopping! Online of course, because it was 11:00 at night.

Back in the spring, I did a post devoted to warm-weather skirts and dresses that I had found online or in catalogs. I LOVE skirts and dresses; I'm in a skirt almost every day in the summer. Cold-weather clothes aren't as fun for me, but they're not bad either. Here are some of the things I found that I bought last night, or want to get, or know that I won't be getting (budgets and all) but would if I could.

My best find:
I found this dress on, and I was smitten with it. It's one of the few that are actually modest. I had to get it, because dresses like this are too hard to come by. The color is beautiful too. It looks a little short but the description said that it hits just above the knee, so it should be fine. My question is, do you think this dress is too fancy to wear to church? It's 100% silk and looks more like a party dress. What do you think? Do you like it or not? Be honest. If you like it, where would you wear it?

I got this sweater from I love the color. I live in these kinds of sweaters in the fall, winter, and early spring.

Boots are apparently all the rage this season. I like this classic pair from Covington, $125.

I've been wanting these best-selling Asian-wrap pajamas from Garnet Hill for over a year. They're supposed to be super soft and comfy. I think they're pretty too.

Isn't this skirt beautiful? Garnet Hill's Godet Border Skirt, $88 (now $59).