Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Blogiversary!

Today is my blog's one-year anniversary. Oops, I mean blogiversary. Technically it's on October 26th, but it was this day one year ago, on a cool, dark Friday evening after John was in bed and Peter was away traveling, that I started this blog at the kitchen table on my laptop with The Ghost Whisperer on TV nearby. If you want to read my first post, here it is. It explains why I started a blog and why I named it the "The Doll Sweet Journal."

We've come a long way (well, sort of) since then and I have come to really enjoy blogging whenever I can find the time for it. It's a great outlet for writing and picture-taking, and for putting a lot of stuff (like website links) in one easy place, and for meeting people from around the country and world. I really enjoy the friends that I've met through the blogosphere, as well as the friends who I know in person who I now know better because of their blogs. I have to mention my good friend Alyson, who was probably my #1 motivating factor in starting a blog. I knew I'd have at least one loyal reader in her! And now I have more readers and friends a year later. You're all awesome!

With impeccable timing, I got my first and probably last blog award yesterday from my blogging friend Karolynn. Thank you Karolynn, that was so sweet! You're a doll! (Get it? Ha ha.) I'm supposed to award it to seven people and link to them, but I'm going to award it to all of my friends who I follow, because seriously, your blogs are so enjoyable and enriching to read. I wouldn't spend my time reading them if they weren't!

Congratulations, my little blog. I knew you could do it!

As for me and The Doll Sweet Journal, we're celebrating tonight by going out to dinner. I think I'll take it/her out to The Cheesecake Factory. She'd really appreciate that, I think. Oh wait. That might be a little complicated. Maybe I'll just order a pizza and eat it at the computer and that will be our dinner celebration together. That probably makes a little more sense, right?