Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer Nostalgia

Tomorrow is officially the first day of fall, and I already miss the warmth, vibrant colors, and sun-drenched greenery of summer. So I figured that on this last full day of summer I'd post the pictures I've been taking since springtime of the various flowers around my yard as they bloomed. It's funny, as soon as one plant blooms and then starts to wane, another one starts up, and that's how the cycle has been. It would be gorgeous if they were all in bloom at the same time, but I guess the flowers have an agreement in which they take turns being the star of the show. They're very diplomatic and peace-loving, those flowers.

Flowers that bloomed in springtime

This lovely purple flower bush in the backyard leads things off. When I look out my kitchen window in April and see it starting to bloom, I know spring has arrived. I love the yellow buds on the trees in the background too.

This tree is near our front door. I love its snow-white blossoms.
The color purple (or pink?)

Perennials are the best. They do all the work and come back year after year! Lilacs are my second favorite flower. I wish they could last all summer long, but they only bloom for about two weeks or so in the spring.

No flowers here, just the beauty of nature and my little boy at the edge of the woods in the backyard.
Flowers that bloomed in summer
I love this dogwood tree. When it's in bloom (July), all I can see when I look out my front bedroom window are its pretty white blossoms and verdant green leaves.

This orange flower is all over the place in New England during the summer.

Giant hostas that line the front walk. Here they are before they bloom, when they're still pretty tame:

And here they are after they bloom. They get so huge and droopy, and then they shed their petals all over the place.

Sun-drenched greenery that I can never get enough of.

There's a big bush of hibiscus flowers near our front door that blooms in about mid-July, and its still in bloom now. Yay!

I really do love these flowers, plants, and trees. Nature puts on such a stunning show every summer. It always reminds me of what a masterful creator and artist God is.

Although summer is my favorite season, I can't deny the intense beauty of fall's red, yellow, and orange foliage. I'm definitely looking forward to that happening in the next few weeks!