Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Birthday Doggy

Today is my beloved mutt Christy's 13th birthday (that's about 91 in dog years). Happy Birthday to Christy! I'm very grateful she's still with me. As all dogs are, she's so much more than just another dog; she's my friend and constant companion and sidekick. We know each other so very well. I first held Christy in the palm of my hand when she was a tiny little newborn puppy. I was a 14-year-old freshman in high school at the time. Ever since then, Christy's been there with me and for me, through my high school years, my college years, getting married, and becoming a mother. How grateful I am to have had her by my side during these significant years of my life. Her loyalty and intelligence and her funny antics and zest for life have taught me many good lessons. She's the best dog I'll ever have!

I love how ticked off my little "devil dog" looks here.

Two of my most precious treasures:

(I have literally hundreds of pictures of Christy over the years. If I had a scanner, I'd include pictures of me with Christy from her puppy years up to just before John was born. I should get a scanner!)


Peter said...

Christy is certainly one of the most unique dogs ever. She's definitely smart, extremely territorial, very loyal (even above her own stomach, which is different for a dog), and a prude (Donna and I aren't even allowed to hug with her around....which was fine before we got married, but since then....)

It's sad to see her get old, hard of hearing, and arthritic, but she is still surprisingly healthy for a dog her age. It wouldn't surprise me to see her last for years more, blind & ornery, but still growling at the thought of death.

Alyson said...

I hope Christy had a lovely 91st (or 13th) birthday. You're so lucky that you've had her this long. None of my childhood dogs made it to be that old.