Friday, March 21, 2008

Kitchen Makeover

We got our kitchen remodeled from January to March of this year, and now it's pretty much all done. We're very happy with it! It was about 37 years old, in its original condition from the time the house was built. It was a real vintage 70's jewel, let me tell you. Now that it's been brought into the new century, it's a joy to be in the kitchen, where we spend so much of our time when we're home. Here are pictures of the wonderful transformation!

Here's the old fridge in an indescribable color: a beigish-yellowish ugly shade of something. And it looks so cluttered with all of the magnets and artwork! That of course was my fault. I think I wanted to try to hide or detract from the awful color. The nice new clean white fridge. We could have gone with trendy stainless steel, but I actually prefer the brightness of white and how it really perks a kitchen up.
The two old light fixtures. The one hanging down over the table was a real beauty. And we just loved bumping our heads on it all of the time.
I LOVE RECESSED LIGHTING! It lights the room up in such a beautiful, warm way. It's really amazing the difference lighting makes. This is the "before" picture of the kitchen with its original dark-wood cabinets and lovely yellow laminate countertop.
Here's a close-up of the counter, complete with burnt-in hole over on the left from a hot pot of spaghetti that Peter set down there last year.
Old set-up with the stove. We got this new stove last May when the old one died while Peter was making my Mother's Day dinner. It was in a shade that matched the old fridge. Needless to say, I was really happy when it stopped working (even though the timing was inconvenient) because it meant that we could get a new one!
Bye-bye, old cabinets and counters!
These are the new cabinets. They really lighten the kitchen up and make it seem bigger. The change was instantaneous and amazing. The countertop and sink were installed the next day.
We got a new microwave and had it installed over the stove so that there's more counter space.
The shiny new countertop.
New cabinets, counter, and sink...together at last!
The granite color is "pine green." Green is my favorite color, and I think this is a beautiful contrast with the lighter cabinets. Originally I wasn't sold on granite and wanted to go with a Corian countertop, but Peter wanted granite, and I'm glad now that we got it. I love the new oversized sink and faucet. They're from Italy.
For a couple of days all of our dishes, pots, pans, etc. sat in the dining room while the kitchen was getting done. John had fun making music in the classic pots-and-pans-as-drums kind of way.
Here's the "After" picture of our newly remodeled kitchen. It's so much better than what it was! I like being in there now; it actually feels peaceful and looks so much nicer and brighter. The next and final big remodeling project in our house will be the bathrooms, which we plan on getting done next year. In the meantime, we're loving the kitchen!


Peter said...

It does look a lot better. I still don't quite recognize it as our kitchen.

LS Remodeling did the work on the lighting & the cabinets and the Cianci Group did the counters. Everything came out great!

Katie said...

Wow, that is really, really gorgeous, Donna! The recessed lighting is amazing! I want to do that in our kitchen and bathroom, too!!! And the color of your counters are very classy. Did you get anyone to help with determining what you wanted to do?

Our kitchen is very, very small - our house was built in the 1930's before they really had much in the way of kitchen appliances. Freezers were unheard of - it was ice boxes and small stoves. Anyway, I want to do SOMETHING to it to open it up, but I don't know what I can do... Right now, our fridge (which I love) half blocks the doorway into the kitchen, and our oven is in a mud-room off of the kitchen. Bizarre, huh? I kinda want to turn the mud-room into a pantry, but I don't know where the oven would go...


Alyson said...

Beautiful kitchen! We have so many things to do to our house too, but I haven't wanted to tackle anything during the school year. It's too disruptive. Hopefully, we can find the time to get something done this summer.

Donna said...

We didn't hire a consultant or anything, we pretty much figured it out on our own from the options and advice our contractors gave us. It wasn't too hard because we didn't really change anything structurally, so it was mainly just choosing the lighting, cabinets, countertop, and sink we wanted. It was fun to do that.

Hmmm, your kitchen sounds really interesting and like it will be a (hopefully) fun challenge to fix up. Maybe I could see it in a few weeks...we're going to be in Philly at Penn in mid-April for two days. I'll e-mail you with the details soon. If you're free at all we'd love to see you guys!

Alyson said...

By the way, your picture of your old fridge looks sort of like my fridge now. We don't have a beige one or anything, but mine is loaded with artwork and clutter. For some reason, I prefer it that way. I guess it feels homey to me or something. Plus, when you have 4 kids there are lots of things to put up there!

Donna said...

Yeah, I don't like it when a fridge is totally bare, it just looks so naked and cold. It's nice to have some things to jazz it up. When I've been at your house your fridge hasn't looked nearly as cluttered as mine used to look!

Jessie Adams said...

your kitchen looks beautiful! I love the cabinets. When Dan and I remodeled our kitchen we had to come up with a new layout and that was difficult but it was definitely fun picking out the cabinets, counter top and floors. It feels crazy when the work is being done but it sure feels good to see the final product!

Alyson said...

You're being too nice! Mine is crazy! I recently had Russ build something that goes on the wall to help with that. I'll have to post pics. By the way, I'm jealous of your lights! I'm dying to do that soon!

By the way, do you guys want to come over for Ghosthunters sometime in April?

Katie said...

That would be awesome if you could come visit us! I should warn you that we are "officially" in the midst of a major home makeover... we bought the paint today, and I just finished re-doing my "office" (the basement). Yesterday, we tore out all of the shrubs in our front yard. So, if things look weird and unfinished when you see it, you know why :-)

We want to do alot to the kitchen and also finish the basement, but we've decided this year to tackle repainting and the lawn. I think next on the list is to finish the basement (since that will give us the most bang for our buck in resale), and then the kitchen will be the next year. We are just painting it for now. Right now, it is this horrendous apple green... I picked out a nice, sunny yellow for it that will match with the overall tone of the dining room as well, so we can take out the wall easily.

jaredandmatisse said...

Donna! The kitchen looks absoluetly beautiful. I loved seeing the before and after photos. Now we need to throw a kitchen warming party, or maybe another baby shower!

Katie said...

Baby shower?!!? Donna, is there something you need to share?

Donna said...

Ha ha, I thought some might think that from Matisse's comment (when I read it, my first thought was "Whoa, am I pregnant and she knows it but I don't?" ha ha!) but no, there's no baby on the way yet. Matisse and I threw a baby shower for our friend at my house last summer, that's all. Believe me, if I were pregnant, you'd know!