Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Good Article or Two

Here's the link to an informative article I recently received in an e-mail newsletter. It has to do with what I last wrote about, morality in the media and in our culture.

And this is a Conference talk from 2003 that really resonated with me back then and provides guidelines that are quite possibly even more important to follow today. The 7-point list at the end has good ideas for improving the quality of the media in our homes and lessening the negative impact it could have.,5232,23-1-401-5,00.html

I love having this blog; it's a great place to keep things like this so that I can refer easily to them whenever I want. Otherwise they tend to get lost or forgotten in my e-mail, even when I try to keep it organized with folders. Hooray for blogs!


Alyson said...

Good for you! It's good that you went and looked up this stuff to help feel better about raising kids in this sinful society. Thanks for the links! It's helpful. And, I also say "yea for blogs"!

Donna said...

I have you to thank for encouraging me to start a blog in the first place and helping me out with my technical questions when I was getting started. So thank you very much! Now I just have to join Facebook and my online life will be complete!

Alyson said...

I love having you as a blog buddy! Hey, we need to have another Ghosthunters party sometime. Wasn't Fort Miffler freaky?!

Donna said...

Fort Mifflin was soooo freaky. Peter was away traveling when I watched it and I had a hard time getting to sleep that night because I was pretty spooked. Let's get together and watch an episode or two together sometime soon!