Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Resolutions for 2008

I guess they can't really be called New Year's Resolutions anymore because it's almost mid-February. But ever since the new year began I've been thinking about how I want to improve this year. The resolutions that I decided on are the issues that consistently showed up the most in my little self-evaluations. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have improved a lot in these areas. If not, well, I'm not so bad as I presently am, right? (Right?? Ha ha.) So here's what I'm going to work on this year...

1) Exercise regularly. I'm craving the rewards and benefits of really good physical fitness.
2) Eat healthier (more fruits and vegetables, less junk and processed foods and meat); make better meals for myself and my family; become more skilled and creative in the kitchen.
3) Become better about meaningful daily scripture study.
4) Be more social. I'm too much of a homebody who likes to stick to schedules and routines. I need to learn to relax and be more flexible and generous with my time and attention.
5) In balance with Resolution 4, complete the ongoing quest for my personal Holy Grail: get to the bottom of my to-do list so that I can live the life I really want!


Katie said...

Wow, Donna, we have a lot of the same resolutions!

You were always so good about exercising. I am planning on getting more in shape, but that has been postponed until after I can get through the next 3.5 months...

We are trying to eat better, we made a resolution to get more fruits and veggies in the house so that we always have something healthy to much on.

I also gave up caffeine/soda. I haven't had a Mountain Dew since Christmas! Aren't you proud of me?!!?

Mom said...

You have lots of good resolutions, but don't overwhelm yourself and get discouraged. Most of these goals are things you can continue to work on a little at a time for years. I would like to see you relax more and become more spontaneous about life. But you're also right about who you are right now - you are fun, a great mom, you have a lovely home, your weight is perfect. I remember what I was told in Relief Society years ago. CTR - Choose to read the scriptures daily. Each choice we make is one step forward, and if we don't quite make it one day, just start again the next. Each time we put forth some effort we're one step closer to our goal.

Good luck on your goals. I look forward to visiting with you and having you fix me some delicious, healthy meal (with something chocolate for dessert! the fun spontaneous part)

Donna said...

Yeah Katie, the summer will probably be a good time for you to start exercising again, after all the stuff gets taken care of with you stopping your full-time workload. I am VERY proud of you for giving up the Dew! Don't you feel better? I gave up chocolate in October. I actually went through withdrawal symptoms. Can you believe that? After two weeks I was eating it again, but at a much smaller rate than before.

Okay Mom, I'll make a delicious meal the next time you're here so that I can show off my new skills. I want people to come over to my house and leave saying, "Dang, that girl can cook!"

Alyson said...

Well, I finally found one way you and I are different. I've always been extremely spontaneous (part of my ADD). I have a hard time sticking to schedules. So, I'm working on the opposite problem than you!

One of the reasons I don't make resolutions at New Year's is because all year long I'm pretty much evaluating myself. My resolution all year long is to write more! I'm dying to find time to finish my book and I need to get things more organized around here. Oh, and there was your idea to go on a ghosthunt. That would be so cool!

Now that I've read your #4, I'm wondering - will you finally hang out with me sometime?! haha

Katie said...

I dew feel a lot better :-) No, seriously, I am very glad that I gave up soda. I tried to drink some Diet Pepsi the other day and I nearly gagged. Plus, it wrecked so much havoc on my stomach that I felt sick for several hours afterwards (all this from half a cup of it).

I gave up chocolate for a week last week, but this week I am eating it again. Overcoming my addiction to chocolate is a work in progress, and one that I intend to conquer. Baby steps, baby steps...

We also made some resolutions regarding temple attendence (4-6 times per year) and I made some personal resolutions like getting scripture study in at least 3 days/week (hey, I've gotta be realistic with myself). I suspect there will be alot that gets easier for me after May.

jaredandmatisse said...

Hey Donna,
We really want you and Peter to come over to our place for some festivities. I tried and failed on Saturday when I called you multiple times with no success, then called your husbands work phone (keep in mind it is about 6 PM at this point) to ask YOU if you and your fam would come over Sunday. Alas, your new years rez must be working, because you already had plans. What about next Sunday?

Donna said...

Hey Matisse, yeah on Sunday evening we had plans to play Catan with the Buswells, in which Amanda won and I lost badly, again. I don't think we can come over this Sunday because my father is coming to visit, but how about the 24th? Are you guys free then? I can't wait to see your new place!

Donna said...

Alyson, yes, that's a big way we're different and why you're a good friend for me, to help me be more like you in that way. Do you really have ADD or were you just saying that jokingly? My resolution does mean we will be getting together more, insofar as my somewhat overscheduled life allows for it!

I hope you do finish your book this year. I want to read it when it's done, and if you ever want help with the editing, I'm your girl for that. I can't wait to go to TAPS or do some kind of a ghosthunting thing this year. Let's make sure that happens! It would be soooo fun.

Alyson said...

Thanks, Donna! You're so sweet. That would be awesome if you could look at my book when I'm done.

And, yes, I really do have ADD. I was finally diagonsed at the age of 29 (would have been nice to know that when I was in school!!). So, when we were playing Catan, I wasn't playing around when I said I had ADD and needed to Peter to explain the rules again. My brain jumps around so much that it's hard to concentrate when someone's trying to instruct me. David has ADHD, my little biological gift to him! I'm glad he was diagonsed at the age of 6 though. He'll have a way better school experience than I did. Thank goodness!

So, how did you end up so overscheduled? I would feel so anxious if I were overscheduled. Let me know a good day sometime that we can get together some morning or something. Oh, and are you going to Serena's this Friday?

jaredandmatisse said...

Hi Donna,
The 24th is even better! I will put it in my book, let me know if anything comes up.

Donna said...

Alyson: I never would have guessed you had that. How interesting!

The reason we're kind of overscheduled is because I like to sign up for different kinds of classes on weekday mornings so that we can get out of the house and have something fun to do. I've always been into classes and the structure and learning environment they provide. So, our schedule for the past few weeks in the mornings has been a Fun 'n Games class at the YMCA on Mondays (I leave John there for an hour), Tales & Tails at the Children's Museum on Tuesdays, Wednesdays have been free for grocery shopping/Target/errands, Thursdays we do a parent-child swim class at the Y, and Fridays are mostly free. This will change next week, when John will begin a preschool program three mornings a week.

And with it being winter, I'm done for the day once afternoon comes. I hate going out again in the cold and so we stay in unless we need to go out. Plus it's tricky to get out because of naptime and also dinner to prepare. I really can't wait for spring and summer when we can be free to spend hours outside again and we can go out in the afternoons and evenings. I think about this almost every day. Life is so much better in the summer!

I always have a lot of things to do. I'm rarely bored. It doesn't make me too anxious. Maybe it's the East Coast in me, but for the most part I like being busy.

Our Monday mornings are going to be free pretty soon. We should get together then if you can. I can't go to the thing on Friday due to Peter traveling. Bummer! It sounds like it will be fun.

Alyson said...

Yeah, having something nearly every morning of the week would get to me (plus I'm not a morning person). I think the anxiety of being overscheduled comes from the ADD. It's too much for me and I end up sick when I have too much going on. Also, my afternoons are full since my older kids have lessons I have to run them to. I wouldn't be able to handle it if my mornings and afternoons were booked up. Oh, and I'm jealous that John still takes naps! Adam doesn't, unless he falls asleep on the way to taking another child to a lesson at 4 o'clock.

Yeah, let me know a good Monday. Oh, and don't you do some editing work as well? How do you fit it all in?

Katie said...

Wow, Donna! Your weekday mornings are amazing. You were always very organized. I find I am the opposite, and more like Alyson. If I schedule more than 1 thing a week, I spazz and end up cancelling on everyone. I can't handle routine very well like that.

Donna said...

For some reason I get along well with people who aren't as into routine and organization and all that stuff like me (like you guys and Peter). I guess opposites really do attract!

Sometimes the editing work is easy to fit in, other times it's hard. Last winter I was very busy with a big editing project, and it caused a bit of a time-crunch in my life for awhile. Last fall I had a project that wasn't as intense, and since then I haven't had to work, which is kind of nice. It's hard to do everything I want to do when I have work obligations. On the one hand, I want the work, on the other hand, I have enough to do. In the coming months I'm going to decide what path I want to take with my professional editing. I want to keep it up but need to figure out how much I want to do and how to make it work well in my life.