Thursday, December 20, 2007

Peter Rabbit

John's most recent obsession (besides memorizing the lyrics to "The Twelve Days of Christmas") is the book The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. He has four different versions of it and he loves looking through all of them. I've read the story to him so many times that I can recite most of it from memory, which John can do now too. I don't know what exactly it is about this story that is so captivating. A disobedient young rabbit goes into a garden and almost gets killed by the gardener, narrowly escaping and then going to bed without dinner. Why is that so timeless and why do children love it so? I wish John could tell me, because I know I must be missing something. The illustrations are darling, anyway, and Beatrix Potter has a charming writing style.

At the library this week I found a 1/2-hour video of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. I checked it out to see what John would think of it. He was completely delighted and fascinated by it, more so than probably any other thing he's ever watched. It was fun to see him absorb the story and the pictures coming to life right in front of him. Because he likes it so much, I'm going to have to check this video out every week, which is going to get old fast. So I'll probably end up buying our own copy on the Internet. The things mothers do for the children they love! I know this is a phase and quite probably in a few weeks John will have moved on to a new preoccupation. Then I might even start to miss that mischievous little rabbit a bit!


Donna said...

Hey, can someone help me with a technical issue? You see how the second paragraph of this post is spaced closer together? I have no idea why it's doing that. It did it in my last post too and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Any ideas? It's driving me kind of crazy.

Katie said...

I am not sure why it does that, sometimes similar things happen on my posts, usually when I try to incorporate pictures in the paragraph, as you did here. Sorry I am not more help!

Josh went through a "spider" phase when the only books he would pull out for us to read were The Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Very Busy Day. His new obsession is a book called Teeth are not for Biting... He needs to learn that lesson, but doesn't seem to be picking up any pointers from the book as of yet!

Peter said...

Maybe he's fascinated with my wild days as an out of control young rabbit.....fortunately I eventually grew out of that stage...I still miss that coat though!

Mom said...

Do you think he likes it because his dad's name is Peter? Maybe that was the first catch for him? It's one of the first 'stories' he's read, isn't it? Remember during the summer while we were at the Cape, he was fascinated with Emily? Maybe, you have a little wayward devil hiding inside that sweet little boy! (a little bit of Liz!!) Good luck with that!

Alyson said...

Yeah, it does that when you have a picture in the paragraph. If you have pictures above or below paragraphs, it won't do that, though it does look nice to have the words go around the picture.

That's a cute phase John is going through! I wish Adam liked such cute things. His favorite thing is Yo Gabba Gabba - not as cute, but funky and hilarious to watch as an adult. He's also starting his "Toy Story" phase. I remember being so sad when David left his "Toy Story" phase for ugly big boy toys and shows. So, enjoy this adorable stage where he loves cute things because it only gets worse!!

Donna said...

Katie, was it Iza Trapani's Itsy Bitsy Spider book that Josh liked? Not too long ago that was John's favorite book. We had gotten it at the library and I ended up buying our own copy since he liked it so much. He will focus on a book until he memorizes it and/or tires of it and then he moves on to something else.

I know what book series you're talking about with Teeth Are Not For Biting. We have Tails Are Not For Pulling, because John had a problem with that in the past. Hopefully Josh will catch on to the book's crucial message soon, because as I'm sure you know, getting bit by those little baby teeth is painful!

By the way, the copyeditor in me is very impressed that you italicized the names of the book titles. I would have done that too in this comment, but I can't figure out how to use the HTML tag to do it.

Donna said...

Hi Mom, I think Peter's name might be part of the draw to Peter Rabbit for John, although he hasn't mentioned that. No, this isn't the first story he's been into. There have been many others. Do I need to remind you of the "Lemons Are Not Red" phase??

Because of his little summer crush on Emily I'm worried that he'll be attracted to the bad girls when he gets older. Great!

Donna said...

Alyson, hmmm, maybe I won't do words around the pictures anymore because the different font sizes bug me! Thanks for the info, and you too Katie.

I had no idea what Yo Gabba Gabba was and I was going to ask you, but then I randomly saw a listing for it tonight on one of the kid's channels. I'm not looking forward to our boy's tastes getting less and less cute as they get older. Sometimes I feel so ill-equipped to have a son! I can do the girl stuff, but boy stuff? I guess I'll learn!

Alyson said...

That's what Peter is for - he'll help you understand all that boy stuff. And even though I think the stuff that David is into is gross, I still get a kick out of seeing him enjoy his phases.

Yo Gabba Gabba is co-produced by an old family friend's husband. It is also made by the southern California ska band Aquabats (mainly made up of Mormons). I used to be into ska in the early to mid-90s. So, it's fun for me to watch. Very retro and weird. As you know, I'm kind of into weird stuff. My favorite song on the show has got to be "Don't Bite Your Friends". It cracks me up and I should post it on my blog sometime. Bizarre!!