Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Mission Call Guesses

 I wanted to document this somewhere so I might as well do it here on my trusty blog. These are my top six guesses as to where John will be called on his mission. By doing this I realize that I'm probably jinxing it and making all of these less likely to happen because that's how life seems to work. 😄 Nevertheless, here are my guesses! (And knock on wood! 😉)

If he stays in the U.S. and serves an American mission (which isn't his preference)
somewhere in the Pacific Northwest
somewhere in the South (besides Arkansas)

If he goes on a foreign mission (which he prefers)
The Philippines
Africa (English-speaking)
Puerto Rico (or somewhere in the Caribbean)

No matter where he goes, it will be the right place for John. The most important thing is that he'll be serving the Lord and the people who live wherever he'll be as he assists in the gathering of Israel. Hopefully next week we'll find out where that gathering, teaching, and service work will be happening for him! 🤞