Friday, February 23, 2024

Good Humor in January

 Thanks to The Babylon Bee and a few other sources, I enjoyed some very funny things last month! 

I'm a big fan of puns, so this is my page-a-day calendar for the year. 

I had a cute puns calendar last year and I'm doing another one this year. Last year's was cuter, but this year's has had some funny ones puns (get it? Because they rhyme 😜), with many more to come (since it's the beginning of the year).  

Ha! Some of the best puns use good vocabulary words (stating the obvious, but in this case, a clever play on words of "unprecedented").

I remember doing this in 2001! Not the time travel part (unfortunately). I love this movie!

This may not be a bad idea πŸ˜„

"Brosecco" πŸ˜†

Thank you for this, AI. πŸ˜‚

I've saved a lot of money over the years by following this financial philosophy!

The Sound of Music wedding scene is great, and now it's even greater with this perspective. πŸ˜† 

Speaking of Lord of the Rings...

This actually happened! 

{They're essential!}

Here's the anti-Swiftie part of this post...

I'll let Babylon Bee take it home!

I don't understand the Stanley Tumbler trend. What's the big deal?

This one really cracks me up for some reason πŸ˜‚