Friday, February 9, 2024

First Snowstorm in the New House!

 We've had a couple of decent snowstorms this winter, so I can't complain too much. I mean, no nor'easters yet, but still, it's better than last winter! I enjoyed the first snowstorm in my new house. It happened on a quiet, peaceful Sunday. Church was cancelled, and Sam and I enjoyed our day in.

I had to go out on the back deck to let Violet out, but that was it. (Well, I took her for a walk that evening, too.) My neighborhood takes care of the plowing and shoveling, which is a nice perk of living here.


We had creamy tomato soup, cheese, and Goldfish crackers for lunch, perfect for a snowy winter's day!

On a related note, these are some pictures of my winter decorations, followed by the Valentine's decorations I put out at the end of the month. It was the first time decorating my new place for this season and holiday as well. Novel experiences all around! 😉

There's my collection of winter owls! (There are a couple more upstairs. 😁)

And the snowmen partially hiding behind the TV...

I'm not so jaded and battle-scarred after the final five years of relationship hell in my marriage that I can't still enjoy good old Valentine's Day and its trappings. 

These three Valentine owls are so cute cu-hoot!

Bowl of hearts

I've been enjoying my first winter in our new place. It's cozier than the Oak Street house was. I do still miss the jacuzzi tub (very much!), the big bookshelves, and the warm glowing fireplace of that house, but I'm happy to be where I am. I strongly feel that it's where I'm supposed to be at this point in my life. Home is what you make of it, and when you do the best that you can with it, there really is no place like home. 🏡