Wednesday, November 8, 2023

September 2023 Randoms

 Cu-hoot (😉) books that I saw while working at the library:

"Birder, She Wrote" 😂
The one on the right is on my to-read list.

In September I suddenly got tons more views on my blog. It lasted all month and for all of October too. The blog went from a few thousand views a month to almost 80K, and I still have no idea why! 🤷

The Boston Temple is one of my happy places. I like how the light on the right side of the picture looks angelic. Very fitting!

I think I a snapped this picture because for my new job that I started in August, I manage the op-eds and letters to the editor that the members of a national nonprofit organization write for newspapers and news sites. I've always paid attention to opinion pieces in my news reading, but I do it even more now.

Sam got a nice new pair of wrestling shoes.

So full of promise and potential and hopefully good things to come!

I love owls, but newborn owls are really not cu-hoot. 😱😂

A beautiful evening sky...
I like how the colors are reflecting off the tops of the cars.

Now that's a cu-hoot owl. 😊 I'd like to get this book.

I worked on a good emergency prep program in September and got a fire blanket for the kitchen for one of my preps (I have extinguishers too).
"Heroes aren't born. They're prepared." 🙌

 Cu-hoot! (It never gets old, at least not for me!) 

Super cu-hoot!

A new era began for Sam. He got braces! He's been wanting them for awhile because he wants to get his teeth all fixed up.

I watched a webinar with the author of a new book that recently came out that I want to read, The Lioness of Boston by Emily Franklin. It's about Isabella Stewart Gardner. I bought an autographed, personalized copy through Porter Square Books in Cambridge (it was a deal offered through the webinar and I took it!).

I'm looking forward to reading it!