Monday, November 13, 2023

Columbus Day

 On Columbus Day, Sam and I honored our heritage and homeland (as controversial as that concept has become these days) and went for a walk on a trail that I like in the town next door. This trail is on land that my ancestors used to farm and perhaps own, and the town is one that they helped settle. I have many ancestors buried in this town going back to the American Revolution. I'm thankful to live in what I feel is my homeland of Massachusetts, where my roots run deep. Like the Native Americans before me, who I fully acknowledge and respect, I feel very connected to this land that I love.

I asked Sam to take a picture of me with the land behind me. He was a wise guy and took tons, most of them not very flattering. πŸ˜† Here are a few of the remaining ones that I didn't delete. Enjoy Sam's amazing photography skills! πŸ˜„ 

At least one decent photo came out of it! 


I spy part of Sam's finger in this one

Alright, I'd had enough!

I love my boy! Look at what a giant he's growing into! 
We went pants-shopping after our walk because he keeps growing--he's even too big for John's size 16/18 hand-me-downs now. At the tender age of barely 14, Sam has graduated to the men's department, whereas John can still fit in a size 18 at the age of 18. Different body types!

Have I mentioned before how much I love the woods? 😍

This trail is the perfect blend of farmland and woods. And family history. 😊