Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Pretty Nature Scenes of Fall 2023

 We didn't have a stunning classic New England fall this year, I think due in part to all of the rain we had this summer and fall. The foliage was pretty as always but it was more muted than usual. There was a day in late October when I noticed the leaves finally "popping" a bit more while I was on one of my walks in the woods, and those pictures comprise pretty much all of my fall nature pictures this year.

This one is my favorite:

This one is my second favorite.

See what I mean? Pretty, but not stunning. (I can relate to that! 😆)

Not to state the obvious (as I proceed to do just that)...this sunrise picture isn't fall-related but is nature-related. This was the peaceful view one mild October morning from my back deck. 😍

I'm thankful for the beauties of nature, whether they're simple and understated or breathtaking and dramatic. They all make a wonderful difference in enriching and beautifying my life!