Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Special Places, Sacred Spaces

 Today I spotlight three special places and/or sacred spaces in my life that I went to in August.

The first is the grist mill at the Wayside Inn. This has been a special place to me for over thirty years and holds many special memories. Plus it's historic and has the prettiest grounds, and you can't beat that combo!

If I weren't LDS (and I'm very glad that I am), I would have gotten married in this chapel. The temple is so much better in just about every way, but the Martha Mary Chapel makes for a good Plan B. 

Speaking of the temple, it's the most special and sacred place in my life (specifically the Boston Temple), and I feel very blessed to attend a few times a month as both an ordinance worker and a patron.

Regular temple attendance and service are helping me grow into my best, truest self as a daughter of God and disciple of Jesus Christ. It helped me through the most difficult time of my life, and it continues to help me in so many ways. I love the temple!

On a lovely late summer Sunday evening, my mom and I went to a cemetery in town where we have ancestors buried as well as more recent relatives, like two of my cousins, including one who was my age who I grew up with.

This is one of the headstones of some of my ancestors. There's a street in town named after the Haywards.

It looks like someone took a big bite out of this ancient headstone!
I love this picture and the pretty sky behind it.

Speaking of which, the sky that evening was beautiful. It looked like a portal straight into heaven, which was especially symbolic being over the cemetery. 

I'm very thankful for the special places and sacred spaces in my life. 💜