Tuesday, August 29, 2023

The Boys (and Pets!) in July

 The boys weren't home with me very much in July, not nearly as much as Violet and my mom's cat Olive were, but as always the boys come first in my life, including in my blog posts. πŸ˜‰

For taco night Sam and I made a recipe for flour tortillas from his new cookbook. I'm happy to report that they came out delicious! 

(Sam is growing his hair out πŸ˜‘.)

My mom challenged John to a wrestling match. It was so funny. He wasn't really on board with it and didn't wrestle back hard. Gee, I don't know why. πŸ˜†

He much prefers to go after Sam (which is why my mom went after John), and if Sam's not available, then me. Lucky us!

The boys spent a week at FSY at UMASS-Amherst and they had a good time.
John really loves his friends...

...maybe a little too much! πŸ™„
They're not gay, just so you know; they're both very interested in girls!
I wasn't aware that John and Ben had these shirts, much less that they brought them to FSY, of all places! For obvious reasons, these shirts didn't meet FSY standards and they had to take them off, and the parents got a call about it. (Again, πŸ˜‘.) John!!

A pretty picture of Olive soon after we moved in.
I think it's so cute how her paws are crossed. Violet and Olive settled in really well to the new house, much better and faster than I thought they would.

Violet was still wearing her post-surgical onesie for the first week after we moved. Once she had her stitches removed, the onesie got to come off.

Cute companions
This is one of the reasons why I kept the leather couch. It's pet-friendly and doesn't retain fur or pet smells the way that fabric couches do.

Post-stitches and onesie removal. My little Frankenstein was healing well.

It's kind of nice that a large patch of her fur was shaved for the summer. Natural air-conditioning!

Olive took a liking to Sam's banana chair and I thought that was cute, too. 

Olive is a little meanie, she won't let me (or anyone) hold her. 😩

Again, I thought it was cute how they were being buddies.

These are pictures the pet-sitter sent me when we were at the Cape.

Violet is really enjoying going for walks. I never walked her in Iowa or when we lived in our former house in MA because we had big fenced-in yards that she could easily go out and run around in. My new place doesn't have that, so she gets to go for a lot more walks. She loves it, and fortunately, she's an excellent walker!