Monday, June 19, 2023

Another Prom for John!

 John's junior prom was last year and Hopkinton High only has a junior prom, but he lucked out and was invited to go to a prom at a high school in Rhode Island with a bunch of church friends and some of their non-member friends at the beginning of May. He had a great time and he had more fun at that prom than his own! I wasn't there but two of my fellow mom friends of these prom-goers sent me these pictures, and they're beautiful!

Here's John with one of his best friends, Ben. 

One of the cool things about Ben is that he's my friend Kevin's stepson. Kevin and I have been friends from church since middle and high school, and I'm still friends with him along with his wife, Vera (Ben's mom). And now our kids are good friends. This is one of the things I love about living in Massachusetts again!

Just da boyz

I think John looks so handsome! They all do!

I love these barn shots!

Such fun times, and I'm thankful that John gets to have them!