Wednesday, May 31, 2023

April 2023 Randoms

I helped with a display at the library for the first time. And lucky me, I got to find books in my favorite color. 💚

The Easter Bunny loaded up on Mr. Beast bars for Sam's Easter basket.

Views of the Common a few days before the Boston Marathon from where I parked in front of the library before going in to work. Marathon preps were in full swing. "It all starts here," after all!  

Here's my pretty library. I'm really enjoying working there and I'm so thankful I got the job. I'm still doing my two editing jobs too. The medical transcription training is on hold for now. 

Sam's wrestling club changed locations and they're now located in this cool old factory building. This is the dilapidated and abandoned back of it but his club is in the front where it's remodeled and nice.

Dinner out with my mom and my brother Ben for Ben's birthday.

Speaking of eating out, a Mexican restaurant opened in town. Exciting! Me gusta la comida mexicana. I ate dinner there on Cinco de Mayo and it was good! I'll be back.

And speaking of food, I'm a fan of Lay's potato chips. I'm going to try this funny and intriguing recipe at some point! 😋

These are some of the cute kids in my Primary class. Primary teacher is my favorite calling in the church (along with temple worker, which is my other favorite calling 😊).

The tulips at the temple were so lovely.

The temple was closed for most of April for repair and maintenance work, so it was good to be back again towards the end of the month. The spire had been replaced with a shiny new one.

I was happy with the series finale of Sanditon. Charlotte and Colbourne got together just like I hoped they would. It was a classic Austen ending and I loved it!
Handsome Sam before going to a fancy bar mitzvah. The celebration that night was at one of Boston's fanciest hotels.

My book covers were color-coordinated again in April. 😁

This is from Mormon Scientist. The irony of this statement of Henry Eyring's is not lost on me, particularly in the aftermath of my divorce. Henry had no problem at all with his wife helping him to lose weight and be healthy--and she even said "caustic things" to him about it! 😆 My situation with my spouse was much different. I tried to help him be healthier and lose weight for years, and I rarely said "caustic" or mean things about it, but he was resistant and defiant to the bitter end, even well after I'd given up and stopped saying anything about it at all.

Henry and he-who-shall-not-be-named couldn't be more different on the matter! 😝