Friday, January 13, 2023

A Rainy HoliDAY in Newport

 About a week before Christmas, my mom and my sister Jennifer and I spent a rainy but lovely day in Newport, touring three of the mansions that were decked out for the holidays and going out for lunch. The good thing about the rainy weather was that it kept the crowds away -- I'd never seen the mansions so uncrowded, particularly during the holidays, which was awesome for us! 

First we went to the Breakers, which has always been my personal favorite.

They had something new that I hadn't seen before--these beautiful ladies with Christmas tree-type skirts. 
I loved these!

This one reminded me of the World Cup, the final match of which was played that weekend.

It's neat to think about the Vanderbilts and so many others from that time period living their lives here in these very rooms. There's a well-written historical fiction mystery series that I've been reading for the last few years that's set in Gilded Age-era Newport. Those books also brings these mansions to life for me.

Now that's a kissing ball! It was massive! My mom and Jen are underneath it.

Trains will always remind me of Sam's love for them when he was in preschool.

A top hat at the top of the tree--makes sense! 

I'm intrigued by this piece of furniture. I don't get it! 🤷

A beautiful view of the sea, even on a stormy day.

A random picture I took on the way back to the car after lunch.

After lunch we went to The Elms...

...where there was another huge kissing ball. These really only work in mansions!

The dining room at The Elms is something to behold. It's very grandiose, but it has a cozy feel to it. 
I really like it! 

I thought it was funny that the dining room table seats as many people as mine does! This one just has a lot more surface area. 😄

I like seeing old-fashioned things like this that are still there.


Hi! Don't I look like I just belong here? 😉

Our last stop was Marble House, which instead of a gigantic kissing ball has the biggest wreath I've ever seen. It wasn't up last year and I was happy to see it again.

The dining room is of course beautiful, but like the one at The Breakers, it's massive. Too massive. The one at The Elms really is my favorite.

Unflattering selfies attempts. 😆 Instead look at all that marble behind us!

This is my favorite room at Marble House.  
It's a "smaller" library/office/sitting room that's tucked away in the back corner of the house mansion. I've always been drawn to this room. That double chair is pretty cool too.

O Christmas trees!

We got a nice picture with the tree and grand staircase. And look--no crowds or people at all! A miracle for Newport at Christmastime!

Alva Vanderbilt's lavender bedroom is so pretty and feminine.

And one more tree to end the mansion tour, this one in the guest sitting room.

I like this saying. 
The family symbol for the Vanderbilts was acorns, which symbolized squirrels and working hard and industry. 
I don't begrudge the Vanderbilts their wealth--they worked hard for it and they were true innovators who contributed a lot to the progress of the United States.   

And last but not least, I got two cute owl ornaments from the gift shops!

It was a lovely day despite the rain, and even partly because of the rain since it lead to so few people being there that day. And I'm proud to say that I finally was the one who drove to and from Newport--somehow over the years, I'd never had to make the drive myself! Well, now I've done it. 😁