Tuesday, January 10, 2023

A FRIENDly, Fun Weekend!

 The first weekend in December from Friday to Saturday I went to the Cape with my best friends from church (who are pretty much my best friends in general) to celebrate Meredith's 40th birthday, which had been a few weeks before. We stayed at my house, and we had so much fun together. In retrospect, I'm especially glad that we did this because a month later, we found out that our ward boundaries were being changed, and now two of us (myself included 😭) are in a different ward. But we will of course stay good friends and we'll still get together regularly. These women are such a blessing in my life. They give me unconditional support and love, and their friendship means the world to me.

We went for a walk in the woods on one of my favorite walking paths on the Cape.

Very frame-able, except that Sara is missing (she was taking the picture) and my coat makes me look like a navy blue marshmallow puff. πŸ˜†

There she is!

Then we walked out on the nearby dunes above the sea.

We died of laughter that night when looking through these pictures at how Sharalyn got captured in this one. I laughed so hard I cried! She's on the left end.


We thought it was funny that Anna got captured at the end of the line taking a selfie! 

It was a beautiful day to be out by the sea.

Christanne is one of the coolest people I know. I wish I were as cool as she is!

Then we had a delicious lunch at a delightful French bakery nearby that Sharalyn knew about. 

This is the bakery's owner, who is an actual chef from France, using some kind of a music box to sing "Happy Birthday" to Meredith. It was so neat!

I love this picture of Meredith. She was so happy. 

Then we stopped at another beach for another walk (to walk off the calories from the bakery, ha ha). It was cold and windy there!  

We stopped in Chatham and did some shopping there before returning to the house.

I don't like this picture of myself because I'm in this awkward, funny-looking semi-crouching position πŸ˜† but it's okay. This was right before we left to go out to dinner. 

We went to Old Yarmouth Inn (Meredith's choice and one of my favorite restaurants on the Cape). Everyone loved it.
Again, not the most flattering shot of myself. But I like this picture anyway because of the people who are in it!  

 I got the salmon and it was delicious.

πŸ’ΈπŸ˜—πŸ’Έ (but worth every penny!)

That night we celebrated the birthday girl with a delicious and beautiful cake that Christanne made.

The next day was rainy and we mostly relaxed and talked and walked down the street to the beach. We left to go home in the afternoon and on the way we stopped at the Sandwich Glass Museum. I'd never been there before and it was nice. Glass is so pretty.

I liked these colors.

And these ones. 

There's just something about swirly glass pumpkin stems! 😍

It was a wonderful weekend that I'll always cherish, along with the wonderful friends I spent it with. We're hoping to do another weekend on the Cape together in December of this year. I already can't wait!