Monday, November 7, 2022

Crazy Times Scrapbook, September 2022

Stock up on your marinara sauce now, just in case! 🍅

This speech of Biden's was unbelievably divisive, sinister, and unfair.

Prediction: The booster shots are going to do more harm than good. Or nothing at all, which I guess would be the best-case scenario. It's become increasingly clear that these vaccines don't work very well and that they're also harming/killing people. Hopefully the booster shots are less potent than the vaccines.

The Biden presidency is a disaster for America. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. 


My still-husband 😓 was laid off in September from Ernst & Young's consulting business. After the things I've seen from them, I have no respect for the company. I hope their split doesn't go well (similar to how my split with their former employee is going 😣). 
There was other notable news that day about a likely recession in Europe, and it also turned out to be the day that Queen Elizabeth died.

This is so true.  
I will continue to teach my kids gospel truths even though some of them are no longer "politically correct." What matters is that they're divinely correct.


I agree with this.  
I love President Nelson so much but I still don't agree with the Church's decision to strongly recommend to its members to get the Covid vaccine. A general authority who came to our stake conference a year ago called members like me out on this and I thought it was so wrong. A year later I feel pretty vindicated on the matter.

This is so suspicious. Why aren't more people seeing this for what it very likely is?

The fentanyl crisis in America is a horrible tragedy and I think it's being underreported. I also think it has a direct link to illegal immigration, which is one of the reasons why it's being underreported.

That's not what they said for the first year or so~

Abby Johnson is an anti-abortion activist who I follow on Facebook. She used to work at Planned Parenthood and she had a couple of abortions of her own before she did a complete 360 on abortion because of her work and personal experiences with it. Now she's a pro-life crusader, and I really respect her for that and for the changes she's made and for her bravery in speaking up.

I read Edward Snowden's book a couple of years ago and I think he's an unsung hero, not a traitor.