Thursday, October 6, 2022

My Powerhouse

 August was a particularly special month for me with the Boston Temple, my home away from home (in both the earthly sense and the heavenly sense!). I went to the temple on my own as I try to do at least once a month, and I went again for my friend's endowment session when she went through for the first time. I hadn't been to one of those in a long time, and that was special. A lot of my friends from my ward were there, and I think it was the most full temple session I've ever been in. 

I truly love my time in the temple. It has blessed my life so much over the last four years. It continues to help strengthen me and sustain me, and I know that what President Nelson said at General Conference this past weekend is true, about how nothing will strengthen us more than the time we spend in the Lord's house. I know that's true because I've experienced it for myself, especially in the midst of crazy-hard trials that I never thought I'd face in my life. Even though they've been excruciating at times, I'm grateful for those trials because they helped me to discover in deeper and more significant ways the healing and strengthening power of both the Lord Jesus Christ and of His holy house. Instead of just going through adversity, my faith and my experiences with the temple have helped me grow through adversity, and for that I will always be grateful. 

I'm excited for a new chapter in my life to begin next week when I start working as a temple worker twice a month. Anything I can do to spend more time there and help further the Lord's work and give back to the best cause on earth that blesses my life so greatly is time that is very well-spent. If you'd asked me several years ago if I'd be a temple worker at this age and stage of my life, I would have said no way. But that was before my life changed and before I had discovered for myself how awesome the temple actually is. I didn't have the testimony then that I have of it now, and I was missing out. I hope more and more Church members will follow the prophet's counsel and discover the temple's amazing power like I finally did. We need it more than ever in these increasingly difficult times before the Savior returns again.   

It's appropriate in this season of my life where I'm seeking paying work to support myself financially in the midst of my upcoming divorce that I've also found the best spiritual work that I can do right now. It's certainly the one that will pay the best dividends!