Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Jane Austen Tea Party!

 My friend Jordan threw a fun little Jane Austen Tea Party in the park on a sunny Saturday in August. The only thing missing was the tea! 😆 That's what happens when Latter-Day Saint Word of Wisdom-following women have a tea party! We indulged with punch and lemon water instead, as well as an assortment of delicious delicacies that we all contributed. It was fun to get dressed up and spend time together and honor the illustrious Miss Austen!

There's me on the side...

...and here's my plate of goodies. One of several, actually. I know how to feed myself well when there's good food to be had! 😋 But in a ladylike way of course. We each brought our own teacup and plate. 

We also each brought a drawing, poem, charade, or quote for this nice little book that Jordan put together and which one of us then won through a drawing (not me 😭). Some of the drawings and poems were really good! We have some talented artists in our midst. I am definitely not one of them. 😆

We did a reading of a scene from an adaptation of an Austen novel that Jordan's mom wrote. Her mom is a huge Janeite, as super-fans are called. I felt so cultured and highbrow! Well, I mean, I am anyway, right? 😉

There were four cute babies who joined us, and they were a delight. I've always loved babies.

Someday in the economy of heaven I know I will have more babies, including daughters and more sons! 

It really was a delightful way to spend a few hours on a beautiful summer Saturday. 

Jane Austen is one of my favorite classic authors. My favorite of hers is Sense and Sensibility followed closely by Pride and Prejudice. I used to watch the six-hour BBC/A&E movie version with Colin Firth in college a lot (too much, my freshman year roommate would say! 😆). Good times then, and good times now!