Friday, September 2, 2022

June 2022 Randoms

I was a Panera taste tester!

I got to try different types of flatbread cheese pizzas and I got a $50 Panera gift card for it. 🙌 

It was a fun thing to do but I think I'd only do it again if they get another test kitchen somewhere closer to me. The drive to Newton was a pain!

The governor of South Dakota looks like a pop star. 😄 I like her, though not for that reason.

Who knew that remembering your dreams was a DNA trait? I do tend to remember my dreams fairly often.

Pictures of my dad for Sam's Community Conversations project.

This is what he looked like when I was a baby.

This is how I remember him from when I was growing up.

A cardinal at the birdfeeder. I like cardinals.

Cute teddy bear pairs from when I was cleaning out wedding things.

Here's my mom "working." 😂

I suspect that this happens a lot when people work from home. 😉

I'm glad Agatha Christie has become popular with the younger generation. She's one of my long-time favorites.
I've read "The Mystery of Mrs. Christie" and it was good. I'd like to read the other two. 

Here I am at the beach! 😆😎

Remember the tree that I watched fall down at the church? Here it was! 

And here it was a week later when it had come all the way down. Gravity!

I came across the term "vasovagal syncope" while I was working on my medical transcription training and I took a screenshot because I'd learned about it several years ago but had forgotten what it was called.
I have this condition. On very rare and very specific occasions, I have a tendency to get lightheaded and maybe even faint. It hardly ever happens and it hasn't occurred in many years, but it happened to me once several years ago when I lived in Iowa and once when I was in college and they were two of the most embarrassing incidents of my life! 😳

I bought myself some treats for the bath that were on sale from one of my catalogs. I'm pretty convinced that one of the reasons that I'm as healthy as I am ("vasovagal syncope" notwithstanding 😅) is because of my weekly bubble bath with Epsom salts and other goodies like these.

This pear looked like it had a bum and it cracked me up.

I took a Penn Alumni class online. It was kind of fun!