Monday, July 11, 2022

Mother's Day Weekend 2022

 Mother's Day came fast this year. It was a nice weekend for me. It started on Friday with cleaning at the temple mom--how appropriate! The temple had been closed since early March for renovation work and I missed it, so I jumped at the opportunity to help clean there. I love being in the temple in any way that I can, and it's even better when my mom is there with me!

This e-mail was waiting for me when I was done at the temple, and it along with the temple made my day. Mother's Day weekend was off to a good start! (And going to the temple really does bring blessings, sometimes immediately! πŸ˜„)

Work feedback like this happens about once a month. I'd been working there for about two months and it had started out rough with reviews that weren't nearly as nice as this one, but once I figured out what exactly I was doing, it got a lot better. I'm really liking the job; I just wish it paid more and had more hours!

On Saturday I did a bit of shopping for myself and bought these fun socks that I'd had my eye on. The middle one and the one on the right are among my new life mottos. πŸ˜‚

I also bought my mom her gifts and left them out on the counter for her to get the next day, when she was coming over for dinner.

Truth πŸ’–
I enjoyed spending much of my Mother's Day Saturday watching John compete at a wrestling tournament. It too felt very appropriate. He won his first two matches pretty easily, then lost his second two matches, coming in third place overall for his weight class. He did well and I was proud of him!
He's in the white and red singlet.

This sport would honestly kill me. I don't know how they do it!

And finally, on Mother's Day itself, I went to church where I got this pretty mug with yummy chocolates in it. There was also a delicious yogurt bar set up in Relief Society that I very much enjoyed.

Me. Mother. Mom. One of my most treasured roles and responsibilities in life. πŸ’ž

The kids who made me (and make me) a mother.

This one, specifically. He was supposed to give me these roses and my favorite peppermint patties (my mom helped with the procurement of these gifts--speaking of mothers, she's the best!) but he was being lazy about it. I guess he was still recovering from all of that wrestling the day before. (Not really, he was just being lazy!)

My dad gave me this pretty pop-up card and yummy chocolate bar.

My pretty roses and delicious patties.

And finally, Chick-fil-a, one of our favorite restaurants, had these cute Mother's Day messages for sending out. I got a kick out of texting the bottom two to Sam and calling him my "little nugget." He didn't get the kick out of it that I did, which made me enjoy it even more. πŸ˜†

It was a good Mother's Day weekend. I love my sons so much and I love being their mother. And I love my mother and am so very grateful for her in my life!