Monday, July 18, 2022

Around the House and Yard in May

I enjoyed my pretty tulips, perfect for spring! 🌷

Me and John hanging out in the living room

Look at my pretty new lantern! 😍

Violet likes to lay on the newspaper and do her reading by bodily absorption. 😁

The yard got fresh mulch (it had been a couple years) and it looked and smelled lovely! I wish the landscaping company had cleared it with me first, though. The bill wasn't nearly as pretty as the mulch. 😖

Side yard


Violet and I usually watch a show together in the family room at night before I go to bed. Honestly though, I watch and she sleeps through it every time. I don't know what's wrong with her. Or maybe it's just the shows I pick. 😆

I had to get a new umbrella for the patio table because mine broke last summer. I got it up and assembled by myself. It wasn't that hard--I've gotten pretty good at basic and even intermediate assembly projects. Go me!

Here I was relaxing by the still-covered pool on a mild Sunday afternoon. 

If I'd known what was lurking beneath that pool cover, I may not have felt quite so relaxed! (Blog post with pictures coming in a few weeks of that sordid tale; spoiler alert, it ended up costing twice as much as the mulch and yardwork. 😬)

Here are the boys walking to the bus stop one morning. I love them so much, and I treasure these days, especially with John's senior year coming up. 

And doesn't that green grass look nice? I'm especially appreciative of it now that in mid-July with a shortage of rain it's mostly burnt to a crisp.