Tuesday, June 28, 2022

April Hair Selfies

 I was liking the messy bun in April!

Right now my hair is in fact pulled back like it is in the above pictures as I assemble this silly but fun little blog post. 

I was still liking the barrette, too!

I am currently in a state of mourning for the loss of this barrette. It was my favorite one and it matched everything and I can't find it anywhere. I rarely lose things and so when I do, it hits deep. 😭

Above is me in the morning. Below is me in the evening. See the difference? 😄 For this and other reasons, I'm definitely a morning person! 

Finally a headband! 
Side note, this is the last time I wore this particular sweater. I liked it but pale blue is not a great color on me. Pastels wash me out too much; I'm too fair-skinned for them. 

Back to the barrette! And to navy blue--my favorite color to wear!