Monday, June 27, 2022

Around the House in April

Sourdough bread made with my starter. We eat it up!

Violet before her very bad month began.

Sam pretending to flip the bird.

The view from my chaise lounge chair, where I read my scriptures every day.

If you look closely, you'll see that Violet is wearing one of my necklaces. Sam put it on her. What a pretty lady!

More fake bird-flipping by Sam

It hailed a few times on a weird-weather Saturday afternoon.

My aunt and cousins being silly. Well, mostly just my aunt. 😆

My favorite cousin Kassy came out to visit from the Berkshires for a few hours with her cute twin daughters.

I took a picture of my car to send to my friend who was helping me out with transportation for the Orlando trip. She picked up my car at the bus station and kept it at her house for the week. My friends (and family) are so helpful and I love them!

A cute little assembly of random Easter decorations. I've had the Anne Geddes bunny baby in the chocolate egg ever since I was in high school!

Here's Sam in his most-frequented spot.

And doing his most-frequented gesture. Again! 🙄

And again and again and again. As you can see this was a theme for Sam in the spring!

He was wearing my dad's hat. 😄

I mostly ignore it. If it becomes the real thing, then we have a problem. He's a stinker!