Friday, May 6, 2022

Surprise at the Cape House!

 My mom and I made a quick overnight trip to the Cape in February in order to conduct some Cape house business. As always, it's a wonderful place to get away to, even when tasks and errands are involved.

The basement is probably my favorite place in the house. I love relaxing down there. I've taken some really great naps on that couch over the years. 😄

We were met with an unexpected surprise in the backyard. The neighbor's tree had fallen down into our yard during one of the winter storms and took out a whole panel of the fence along with a few other things. 😯

It was actually worse than the tornado damage in the backyard from 2019!

Since then, I've had the tree removed and the fence panel put back up, but it's irreparably damaged and needs to be replaced. Because of shortages, unfortunately the fence company won't be able to replace it until sometime this summer. Fortunately the home insurance is covering the cost of the damage and repairs. 

So that was a not-so-pleasant surprise! But it is what it is. Or was what it was. 😁 

On the other end of the spectrum, that afternoon we went shopping at Consigning Women (one of the best consignment shops ever!) and went for a nice walk on Mayflower Beach, one of the Cape's most popular beaches. If only it could be this uncrowded and easy to get into in the summer!

It was a beautiful day, and pretty mild for February.

Our shadows

My shadow, and the sea


A nice big piece of driftwood on the dunes

We ate a delicious dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Hyannis, and later, this was the living room scene that evening. I watched a college admissions webinar, and then we watched The Young Victoria, a movie that I really like and hadn't seen in awhile.

My trusty planner is never far away from me!

It was a nice little getaway, even with the backyard surprise that awaited us!