Monday, May 9, 2022

Around the House in February

Sam did a snow angel (or something) on the back porch outside of the door. He cracks me up.

I got a new pair of L.L.Bean house slippers because my old slippers had worn out. I think L.L.Bean has now replaced Ugg as my favorite house slipper brand.

I did a puzzle in February. Here's it's progress during the month:


500-piece puzzles are the way to go! (One of my new mottos in life is "I love an easy challenge." 😂)

Morning light in the dining room

It's a pretty dining room area (if I do say so myself, and I do 😉).

A common place in which to find Sam 

 Through a series of signs and events over the last year of my life, "42" has become my special number. I have a feeling that big things are going to happen when I'm 42. Good things, I hope. (Hopefully not my death! 🙈🙏)

(Another) failed attempt at a good selfie with Violet

My girl all bundled up, nice and cozy.

A better attempt, but still not great!

I've had this couch for sixteen years, and I want to have it in my life always! It's aged very well, and it's always been so comfortable. I do a lot of reading on this couch and I also take really good naps here. It's the one spot in the house where I know I can fall asleep for a nap. I sometimes refer to it as my "black hole of productivity" because I know if sit down on it at a certain time of day, I might be out for awhile. So I sometimes have to avoid it. But man, do I love it!