Thursday, May 5, 2022

Organizing Project: Headbands

 I bought a third headband holder from Etsy for my burgeoning headband collection and once it arrived I cleaned out and reorganized my headbands.

Now that I have thicker, longer hair, my smallish head can wear bigger headbands! These two holders are for my "new hair."

And this one is more for my natural hair. Well, at least from the skinny black headband on down. 

These are the headbands that didn't fit on a holder or are special seasonal ones, like lacy black kitty ears for Halloween and a festive Happy New Year one that I can wear on New Year's Eve when I party by myself. 😂

My love for New England preppy style is an ingrained part of me, so I'll always love headbands! 
Also, I would have been a good girl mom. 😁 {Someday!}