Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Love is in the Hair

 My hair was my special valentine this year. 😆 I love it so much! 😍

Breaking news! Barrettes might soon replace headbands as my favorite hair accessory. 😂 

This was the day I gave my talk at church. I think the Spirit helped me to do my hair that day! I liked the way it looked with that little piece out front. I hadn't been able to do that before.

I've also been liking wearing my hair all the way down. This is a big difference from when I first got it and all I wanted to do was pull it back in a ponytail and top it off with a headband. I rarely pull it back into a pony anymore, I think because I'm so much more used to it now, and I like the silky-soft feel of it around my neck. Especially in the winter, when it keeps me warmer! 

Don't worry, my love for headbands still remains strong.

Books, owls, and good hair; what more can a girl ask for? 😄

I'm wearing a mask in this picture because I was in an Uber and they were still being required there. I was coming home from an appointment at my salon in Boston to get some things on my hair fixed. They did it for free. I love that place. It literally changed my life.

A simple little bobby pin can make a good barrette too.

I did a little photo opp with the mirror in my bedroom at the Cape house.

"Are you talkin' to me?" Ha ha!

Love really is in the hair for me! I feel very blessed and thankful to have finally found this easy and wonderful solution for myself. 💖