Monday, April 4, 2022

Wrestling J in January

 John's winning streak continued in January! He won most of his matches. His improvement over last season was vast and impressive!

He's always the one in the white singlet (or "women's bathing suit" as Sam hilariously calls it 😂).

He got the pin!

Fun fact: See the photographer on the left in the blue shirt? I took care of his baby daughter at the daycare I worked at in high school! She's now in her mid-20s! The joys of living in my hometown again. 😊

John and this guy had wrestled each other before and they were close in skill level, but John won all of their matches this season.

Another fun and slightly embarrassing fact: I didn't realize until the season was almost over that you can't pin someone when they're on their stomach! They have to be on their back or their side. This was John's fourth year wrestling and it took me that long to finally figure that out?!? 😲

Then the other guy got him down...

...and then John got him down. They were well-matched!

But John ultimately prevailed, not with a pin, but with a win by points.

His first match at a Saturday quad meet...

The takedown

The pin

This was another match from the meet that day. John got his fastest pin of the season in this match, in less than ten seconds.

He lost this one but he fought wrestled hard and did well. He was mad at himself after and said he could have and should have won it, but the other guy was really good too. It was a good match-up.

 This was a good match at another school. It was their senior night and John went up against one of the seniors. Unfortunately for the senior, John beat him. I felt a little bad, but not that bad. 😉

John wasn't able to pin him, but he did beat him 12-1.

Whole-team sprawl. John's in the middle in the green shirt.

These two wrestled each other a few times during the season and got to be pretty friendly. The other guy was a senior and he was good but John was able to beat him in each match.

Another pre-meet team sprawl. John is again in the middle.

He lost this match but he did really well--better than I think we thought he'd do because his opponent was very strong and very good--and towards the end, John came close to winning it. The points he didn't allow his opponent to get helped his team win that night, and they hadn't beat this particular school in many years, so John was happy! 

"Two!" That means John got two points over the other guy. It took me a few years to figure that one out too. 😁