Thursday, March 10, 2022

Merry Christmas from Violet!

 As far as furniture goes, Violet is only allowed on the leather couch (since leather is pet-friendly and easy to clean and won't smell weird). She likes to cuddle up with the toss pillows on that couch, which led to some cute Christmas-themed photo opps throughout December.

Full-body pose. Ha ha!

I found her like this one day. Me too, Violet, me too. 😆 Depending on how this year goes, maybe this will be 2022's Christmas card. I hope not!

And again with this pillow. It's cute how she likes to cozy up.

"Can I cuddle with you?"

Of course! Violet is one of my favorite sentient beings to cuddle with.

She likes going for car rides, too. I've never been one of those people who brings their dog with them everywhere, and I'm still not, but I do bring her in the car sometimes because she likes it so much and because she howls sadly when I leave. She behaves really well in the car, too, which helps her cause.

Ears wide open 👂

Trying (unsuccessfully) to get a selfie with my girl

Christmas tree pictures

A silly selfie. I was still trying!

Her little holly collar jewelry was cute. Not as fun as Boo Boo's jingle necklace, but cute.

Still trying for that elusive selfie, but nope! Violet tends to be camera-shy with selfies. 

Seeing something of interest in the yard on Christmas Eve

We finally got a few decent selfies on Christmas Eve. It was Violet's Christmas present to me!

It can be a butt pillow too. 😂

Violet began Christmas Day with her new bone...

...and ended her day with it too. It has provided her with many hours of chewing fun!

I'm thankful for my "darling dogter," as I like to call her. She's a sweet and loyal companion who can be pretty funny at times too!