Monday, March 28, 2022

2021 Calendar Inspo + 2022 Outlook

 On New Year's Day, I went through the pages that I'd kept from my page-a-day calendar from 2021 in order to review them and decide which ones to keep permanently. A lot of them spoke to me and so I took pictures of them to create a little "inspiration" album on my phone that I can look to for, well, inspiration and motivation when I need it. Many are directly applicable to my crazy divorce situation and my new path as a single mother and woman. 

I think these are all so great! 

This was December 31st's page. These are good questions that I've thought a lot about. 

For 2022, I'm looking forward to finally being done with the divorce process and being able to fully move on with my life. I've been stuck in a bad situation for too long now and I'm very much looking forward to being officially done with it. I will make more time for my children, who are my number one priority after God and the the gospel, and also for myself. I will be in triage mode for most if not all of 2022, attending mostly to the top three things in my life right now that need the most care and attention: my faith, my children, and myself. Out of necessity I'll be making more time for work since I have no choice in the matter anymore. And that means I'll make less time for non-essential things that I can cut down on--less TV (not that I watch a lot of it anyway), less leisure time for informational reading and other hobbies or habits that aren't essential (just this morning I called and changed my Wall Street Journal subscription so that I'll no longer get it every day), less time spent on things like blogging (dry your eyes), less shopping and eating out, fewer social outings, etc. It's time to simplify down to the essentials, and my life will still be full of joy because it's the essentials that bring true and lasting joy. I have a feeling that 2022 is going to be a much better year than 2021 was. (#knockonwood!)