Monday, November 1, 2021

Kickin' it in Kirtland

 We stopped in to see the church historic sites at Kirtland, Ohio for a couple of hours on our drive east. It was a quick detour from Route 90, and it was totally worth it!

I really liked the Newel Whitney store. Both floors were neat, but the second floor was especially neat because some really significant things in the restoration of the gospel took place there. 

This was literally a room of revelation.

Joseph and Emma Smith's room.

A cool old-fashioned fence, typical of the time period.

John walking by the fence 😄

A cool tree by the fence 😄😄

It was a beautiful morning and there was a peaceful feeling all around the grounds and buildings there.

The things that took place in the Kirtland Temple were the coolest. I love these paintings that depict those amazing events. I 100% believe that these things actually happened, and that "the veil o'er the earth" really was "beginning to burst," and that angels continue to visit the earth. (Phrases from one of my favorite hymns, The Spirit of God).

I hadn't seen this painting of Moses, Elias, and Elijah visiting Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in the Kirtland Temple and bestowing priesthood keys upon them. I love this!

And this is the most significant thing of all that happened there.

After our tour of the village, we walked up the hill to the temple. Because of Covid it's still closed, which was disappointing; we were able to go in it several years ago, but the boys don't remember that. But it was nice to see it. It would be awesome if the Church could get this back from the RLDS (Community of Christ) Church and re-do it as one of our temples again. Maybe someday. 

That middle window on the second floor is where the events in the paintings above took place. This is such a special place.

I'm so glad we made time to go to Kirtland that morning. It's a special place and it helped the church history that the boys are learning about in Sunday School and seminary really come to life.  

We were in for more spiritual treats that day...after eating a quick lunch at a nearby Chick-fil-a, we drove up to Palmyra, New York, site of one of the most significant events to ever happen on this earth (though relatively few know it or believe it!). Post to come tomorrow!