Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Eating Out on the Cape 2021

 We made sure to go to some of our favorite restaurants during our week on the Cape in July...

Steak at Yarmouth House for a special treat. And asparagus is one of my faves. 😋

This food photo has been officially interrupted by Sam's hand. 😄

Here we are at Lobster Boat. John and I got into an argument at this dinner, I think over his phone use and/or his attitude, I can't remember which. Teenagers. Screenagers. 😒

My lobster roll was so good. Argument notwithstanding, my dinner was delicious.

It wouldn't be a complete summer week on the Cape without at least one meal at Brazilian Grill!

I always get their strawberries and cream for dessert. It's the best!

I got this cupcake from Marion's Pie Shop and it was delicious.

Don't be sad that this great culinary post is already over: there are two more eating out experiences in my next post about my birthday! 😁