Thursday, November 4, 2021

Around the House in July

 It's November and I'm still blogging about July! Life has been so busy this fall and I've gotten behind and need to catch up! 

I was away from home for over half of July so this will be a pretty short post!

The fridge had been leaking on and off for a couple of years and it had some other problems, so I got a new one that was the updated version of the one I already had. And fortunately, it wasn't on backorder!

Old fridge:

Shiny new fridge!

While I was at it, I also replaced the double oven, which was very old and had been having some issues for awhile--I think it might have been original to the house, so over twenty years old. With the tanking economy and supply chain problems, not to mention my upcoming divorce and my financial reality changing quite a bit because of it, I want to get these things while I still can.

This is a highly-rated KitchenAid double oven. And it has the prettiest royal blue interior. (Sorry, no pic of the inside; I should have taken one!)  

Do you see the frog on the outside of this window?! I don't know how it got up there and how it didn't fall down! I feel like at times this summer we were over-run by frogs, mostly in the pool, but now this!

This is how high up it was! You can still see it. I hope the adventurous little guy got down okay!

Violet sometimes lays on my slippers. She's obsessed with me. 😆

I burn this candle only in the evenings when I'm watching TV or reading. The scent is so relaxing and it helps make me sleepy for bedtime. I stock up on these at the Cape each summer. They're definitely one of my "must haves" for the living of a good and healthy life. 😊